• Registration opens on 16 August 2018
  • Presenter registration deadline: All presenters (platform and poster) must be registered by 15 September. Presentations from authors not having registered by this date will be cancelled and excluded from the programme.

Registration Fees:

  • SETAC Members* (without membership due): 90€
  • SETAC Members* (including 1 year membership due): 130€
  • SETAC Student Members* (including 1-year membership due): 55€
  • SETAC Student Members*(without membership due): 40€
  • SETAC Non-members regular* (including 1-year membership due): 130€
  • SETAC Non-members student* (including 1-year membership due): 55€
  • Non-members regular* (without membership due): 120€
  • Non-members student* (without membership due): 50€

* Lower middle-income countries according to the World Bank.

For students: Please provide student proof or ID card.